Family of Lewis Spindler and Eliza

Husband: Lewis Spindler (1848?- )
Wife: Eliza (1846?- )
Children: Eliza Annie Spindler (1870?-1916)
James Spindler (1873?- )
Jane Spindler (1875?- )
George Spindler (1877?- )
Hannah Spindler (1879?- )
Marriage before 18691

Husband: Lewis Spindler

Name: Lewis Spindler1
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1848 (approx.) Hinton, Suffolk, England1
Census 3 April 1881 (age 32-33) Chediston, Suffolk, England1
head of the household aged 33, working as an agricultural labourer, born Hinton Suffolk

Wife: Eliza

Name: Eliza1
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1846 (approx.) Westleton, Suffolk, England1
Census 3 April 1881 (age 34-35) Chediston, Suffolk, England1
wife aged 35, born Westleton, living with husband.

Child 1: Eliza Annie Spindler

Name: Eliza Annie Spindler2,3
Sex: Female
Spouse: Harry John Gillingham (1863-1928)
Birth 1870 (approx.) Westleton, Suffolk, England4,5
Census 3 April 1881 (age 10-11) Chediston, Suffolk, England1
aged 12, attending school born Westleton, living with parents
Census 31 March 1901 (age 31) Levington Drift, Levington, Suffolk, England4
married wife living with her husband Harry, daughters Elsie, Muriel and Gladys, and sons George and Jack, born in Westleton Suffolk
Census 2 April 1911 (age 41) Levington, Suffolk, England5
a married wife living in five rooms with her husband and six children, born in Westleton Suffolk Married for seventeen years with eight children, six of whom are still living
Death 1916 (age 45-46)
Burial 4 March 1916 St. Peter's Church, Church Lane, Levington, Suffolk, England6
aged 46

Child 2: James Spindler

Name: James Spindler1
Sex: Male
Birth 1873 (approx.) Westleton, Suffolk, England1
Census 3 April 1881 (age 7-8) Chediston, Suffolk, England1
aged 8, attending school born Westleton, living with parents

Child 3: Jane Spindler

Name: Jane Spindler1
Sex: Female
Birth 1875 (approx.) Sotherton, Suffolk, England1
Census 3 April 1881 (age 5-6) Chediston, Suffolk, England1
aged 6, attending school born Sotherton Suffolk, living with parents

Child 4: George Spindler

Name: George Spindler1
Sex: Male
Birth 1877 (approx.) Sotherton, Suffolk, England1
Census 3 April 1881 (age 3-4) Chediston, Suffolk, England1
aged 4, born Sotherton, living with parents.

Child 5: Hannah Spindler

Name: Hannah Spindler1
Sex: Female
Birth 1879 (approx.) Blythburgh, Suffolk, England1
Census 3 April 1881 (age 1-2) Chediston, Suffolk, England1
aged 2, born Blythburgh Suffolk, living with parents.


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