Family of John Bowtell and Johan Sevile

Husband: John Bowtell (1500?-1561?)
Wife: Johan Sevile (1500?- )
Children: John Bowtle (1527?-1576)
Marriage 1525 (approx.) Thaxted, Essex, England1

Husband: John Bowtell

Name: John Bowtell1
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1500 (approx.) Thaxted, Essex, England1
Death 1561 (approx.) (age 60-61)1

Wife: Johan Sevile

Name: Johan Sevile1
Sex: Female
Alt. Name: Johan Bowtell1
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1500 (estimated)

Child 1: John Bowtle

Name: John Bowtle1
Sex: Male
Alt. Name: Johes Bouttle2
Spouse: Johanna Sevall (1528?- )
Birth 1527 (approx.) Thaxted, Essex, England1
Death 1576 (age 48-49)1

Note on Husband: John Bowtell

not sure where Dad got these from, Seax only goes back as far as 1538


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