Family of John Oakley and Elizabeth

Husband: John Oakley ( - )
Wife: Elizabeth ( - )
Children: Joseph Oakley (1752?- )
Elizabeth Oakley (1787?- )
William Watts Oakley (1790- )
Marriage before 17521

Husband: John Oakley

Name: John Oakley
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Elizabeth

Name: Elizabeth
Sex: Female
Alt. Name: Elizabeth Oakley
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Joseph Oakley

Name: Joseph Oakley1
Sex: Male
Birth 1752 (approx.) Coggeshall, Essex, England1
Baptism 15 February 1752 (age 0) Coggeshall, Essex, England1

Child 2: Elizabeth Oakley

Name: Elizabeth Oakley1
Sex: Female
Birth 1787 (approx.) Coggeshall, Essex, England1
Baptism 11 May 1787 (age 0) Coggeshall, Essex, England1

Child 3: William Watts Oakley

Name: William Watts Oakley1,2
Sex: Male
Birth 23 August 1790 Coggeshall, Essex, England2,3
Baptism 8 October 1790 (age 0) Coggeshall, Essex, England2,3
son of John and Elizabeth Oakley

Note on Child 3: William Watts Oakley

name correct according to baptism record2


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