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Family of Charles A Drake and Isabella Jane Adams

Husband: Charles A Drake (1827?- )
Wife: Isabella Jane Adams (1822?- )
Marriage before 18711

Husband: Charles A Drake

Name: Charles A Drake2
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1827 (approx.) Bath, Somerset, England2
Census 2 April 1871 (age 43-44) 25 Clarkson Street, St. Matthew, Ipswich, Suffolk, England2
married head of the household aged 44 Surgeon Dentist born in Bath SOM.

Wife: Isabella Jane Adams

Name: Isabella Jane Adams3,4
Sex: Female
Alt. Name: Isabella Jane Drake5
Alt. Name: Jane I Adams6
Alt. Name: Jane Adams Adams7
Father: Edward Adams (1789?- )
Mother: Sarah Ringe (1797?-1837?)
Birth 1822 (approx.) Rendlesham, Suffolk, England3,8
Baptism 19 March 1824 (age 1-2) Rendlesham, Suffolk, England4
daughter of Edward Adams and Sarah
Census 6 June 1841 (age 18-19) Old Newton, Suffolk, England3
aged 19, Independant living with father, seven siblings, a grandmother and a servant. Born in Suffolk
Census 30 March 1851 (age 28-29) Brown Street, Old Newton, Suffolk, England8
daughter aged 29 unmarried. Born in Rendlesham Suffolk living with father.
Census 30 March 1861 (age 38-39) 116/118 London Road, Ipswich, Suffolk, England6
Sister-in-law unmarried, aged 39 Housekeeper born Rendlesham Suffolk living with W'ham Norman.
Census 2 April 1871 (age 48-49) 25 Clarkson Street, St. Matthew, Ipswich, Suffolk, England2
married wife aged 47 born Rendlesham Suffolk living with her husband.
Census 3 April 1881 (age 58-59) 81 Victoria Street, St. Matthew, Ipswich, Suffolk, England9
Sister-in-law widow aged 59 Art Needlewoman born Rendlesham Suffolk living with William Norman.
Census 5 April 1891 (age 68-69) Westerleigh House, 50 London Road, Ipswich, Suffolk, England5
head of the household widow aged 69 living on own means born Rendlesham Suffolk.
Census 31 March 1901 (age 78-79) 123 London Road, St. Matthew, Ipswich, Suffolk, England10
Sister widow aged 79 born Rendlesham Suffolk living with Brother Edmund.


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