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Family of James Stanley French and Elsie Elizabeth Adams

Husband: James Stanley French (1904-1995)
Wife: Elsie Elizabeth Adams (1906-1989)
Children: Patrick John French (1935-1993)
Marriage May 1930 (approx.) Ipswich, Suffolk, England1,2

Husband: James Stanley French

Name: James Stanley French1
Sex: Male
Father: George Edwin French (1880-1940)
Mother: Maud Alice Aldous (1883-1974)
Birth 4 July 1904 Ipswich, Suffolk, England1,3,4
Census 2 April 1911 (age 6) 206 Rosehill Road, Ipswich, Suffolk, England3
son attending school and living in five rooms with his parents and three siblings. Born in Ipswich Suffolk
Death 4 January 1995 (age 90) Ipswich, Suffolk, England1,4
aged 90

Wife: Elsie Elizabeth Adams

Name: Elsie Elizabeth Adams1,5,6
Sex: Female
Alt. Name: Elsie Elizabeth French1,2
Alt. Name: Ethel Adams1
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 5 March 1906 Ipswich, Suffolk, England1,5,6,7
registered in Bosmere but given as Ipswich in 1911 census
Census 2 April 1911 (age 5) 29 Surbiton Road, Ipswich, Suffolk, England7
daughter aged 5, attending school and living with parents, two siblings and a visitor. Born in Ipswich Suffolk
Death 6 December 1989 (age 83) Ipswich, Suffolk, England1,5
aged 83

Child 1: Patrick John French

Name: Patrick John French1,8,9
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary Sparling (1933-2004)
Birth 1 April 1935 Ipswich, Suffolk, England1,8,9
mother's maiden name Adams
Death 1 April 1993 (age 58) Waveney "Registration District", Suffolk, England1,9
aged 58


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