Family of Joseph Welham and Lucy

Husband: Joseph Welham (1780?- )
Wife: Lucy (1780?- )
Children: Deborah Welham (1805?-1872)

Husband: Joseph Welham

Name: Joseph Welham1
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1780 (estimated)

Wife: Lucy

Name: Lucy1
Sex: Female
Alt. Name: Lucy Welham1
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1780 (estimated)

Child 1: Deborah Welham

Name: Deborah Welham2,3
Sex: Female
Alt. Name: Deborah Crooks2,3
Spouse: Henry Crooks (1808-1866)
Birth 1805 (approx.) Darmsden, Barking, Suffolk, England2,4,5,6
Coddenham in 1861
Baptism 24 March 1805 (age 0) St. Mary's Church, Barking, Suffolk, England6
daughter of Joseph Welham and Lucy of Barking
Census 6 June 1841 (age 35-36) Battisford, Suffolk, England7
aged 35, living with husband and four children, born in Suffolk
Census 30 March 1851 (age 45-46) Battisford Tye, Battisford, Suffolk, England4
wife aged 45 married, living with husband and four children, born Darmsden Suffolk
Census 7 April 1861 (age 55-56) Porch Cottage, Battisford, Suffolk, England2
wife aged 54 married, living with husband, three children and a lodger (father-in-law), born Coddenham Suffolk
Census 2 April 1871 (age 65-66) Battisford, Suffolk, England5
mother-in-law aged 66 widow, living with daughter Amy, her husband and a daughter, born Darmsden Suffolk
Death July 1872 (age 66-67)8,9,10
aged 66
Burial 31 July 1872 St. Mary's Church, Church Road, Battisford, Suffolk, England8,9
aged 66 of Battisford


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