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Family of Stephen Laurence Lane and Doris Booth

Husband: Stephen Laurence Lane (1901-1987)
Wife: Doris Booth (1902-1983)
Children: Ann Lane (1933-1991)
Marriage Q3 1926 Basford "Registration District", Nottinghamshire, England1

Husband: Stephen Laurence Lane

Name: Stephen Laurence Lane2,3
Sex: Male
Father: William Stephen Lane (1862-1946)
Mother: Clara Maria Edwards (1866?-1914)
Occupation methodist minister4
Birth 20 February 1901 Sporle, Norfolk, England2,3,4,5,6,7
Census 31 March 1901 (age 2 mns) The Street, Sporle, Norfolk, England5
son living with his parents and three brothers, born in Sporle Norfolk
Census 2 April 1911 (age 15) The Poplars, Sporle, Norfolk, England6
son attending school and living in six rooms with his parents and five brothers, born in Sporle Norfolk
Census 29 September 1939 (age 38) Wesley Manse, Warwick Road, Kineton, Warwickshire, England4
a married methodist minister living with his wife, daughter Ann and his in-laws, born on 20th February 1901
Death Q4 1987 (age 86) Norwich "Registration District", Norfolk, England7

Wife: Doris Booth

Name: Doris Booth1
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 4 November 19024,8
Census 29 September 1939 (age 36) Wesley Manse, Warwick Road, Kineton, Warwickshire, England4
married doing unpaid domestic duties and living with her husband, daughter Ann and her parents, born on 4th November 1902
Death Q4 1983 (age 80-81) Blackpool and Flyde "Registration District", Lancashire, England8

Child 1: Ann Lane

Name: Ann Lane4
Sex: Female
Spouse: James Royden Hunt (1929-1999)
Birth 27 January 1933 Newport "Registration District", Monmouthshire, Wales4,9
Census 29 September 1939 (age 6) Wesley Manse, Warwick Road, Kineton, Warwickshire, England4
attending school and living with her parents and grandparentss, born on 27th January 1933. Married a Hunt at a later date
Death Q3 1991 (age 58) Horncastle "Registration District", Lincolnshire, England9

Note on Wife: Doris Booth

not sure where Doris was born as there are many possibilities, same for 1911 census and birth date not in 1939 census


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