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Family of George Robert Edwards and _____ _____

Husband: George Robert Edwards (1934-2000)
Wife: _____ _____ ( - )
Marriage 4 May 1979 Bramalea, Ontario, Canada1

Husband: George Robert Edwards


George Robert Edwards

Name: George Robert Edwards1
Sex: Male
Father: Charles Edwards (1893-1969)
Mother: Eva Amos (1896-1976)
Birth 19 December 1934 Hamilton, Ontario, Canada1
Medical Condition 27 November 1949 (age 14) -; Fennell Avenue, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada1
playing football across the street from his house, George is tackled and suffers a compound fracture to his left arm, this causing him to eventually lose the use of his left hand for the rest of his life
Medical Condition 27 November 1978 (age 43) had his first heart attack; Bramalea, Ontario, Canada1
Medical Condition March 1979 (age 44) had his second heart attack; Bramalea, Ontario, Canada1
Medical Condition 27 February 1980 (age 45) underwent quadruple heart by-pass surgery ; Toronto Western Hospital, 399 Bathurst Street, Toronto, York County, Ontario, Canada1
Medical Condition 1993 (age 58-59) had his third heart attack; Penetanguishene, Ontario, Canada1
Medical Condition 1996 (age 61-62) had an abdominal aneurysm repair; Barrie, Ontario, Canada1
Medical Condition 2000 (age 65-66) was hospitalized for internal bleeding of unknown origin, later it is discovered he is suffering from an Aorticenteic fistual which would later result in his death; Penetanguishene, Ontario, Canada1
Death 28 July 2000 (age 65) Royal Victoria Hospital, Barrie, Ontario, Canada1
Cremation August 20001
and his ashes were scattered at Rainy Lake

Wife: _____ _____

Name: _____ _____1
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -


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