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Family of Burton Manvers Edwards and Edith Ellen Bryan

Husband: Burton Manvers Edwards (1870-1921)
Wife: Edith Ellen Bryan (1874-1961)
Children: Burton Betham Edwards (1897-1981)
Cecilia Edwards (1899- )
Mildred Clara Edwards (1900-1923)
Manvers Betham Edwards (1902-1948)
Allen Memphis Edwards (1903-1994)
Ellen Edwards (1904-1979)
Constance Olive Edwards (1907-1974)
Stanley Alexander Edwards (1909-1965)
Marriage 1896 Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand1,2

Husband: Burton Manvers Edwards

Name: Burton Manvers Edwards3,4,5
Sex: Male
Alt. Name: Buston Edwards4
Father: Edward Betham Edwards (1829-1886)
Mother: Constance Lucy Meadows (1842-1883)
Occupation hotel keeper1
Birth Q1 1870 Ixworth, Suffolk, England3,4,6
Baptism 5 June 1870 (age 0) St. Mary's Church, Witnesham Church Lane, Witnesham, Suffolk, England4,5
son of Edward Betham Edwards (farmer) and Constance Lucy of Ixworth
Census 2 April 1871 (age 1) The Dairy, Ixworth, Suffolk, England6
son living with his parents, four siblings, four visitors and three servants. Born in Ixworth Suffolk
Immigration 16 March 1881 (age 10-11) to Waitangi, Northland, New Zealand from London, England7
with his parents Edward and Constance, sisters Barbara, Millie, Constance and Kate, and brother Betham
Death 6 March 1921 (age 50-51) Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand1,2

Wife: Edith Ellen Bryan

Name: Edith Ellen Bryan1
Sex: Female
Alt. Name: Edith Ellen Berry2
Alt. Name: Edith Ellen Edwards1
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 15 November 1874 Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand2
Death 18 September 1961 (age 86) Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand2

Child 1: Burton Betham Edwards

Name: Burton Betham Edwards1
Sex: Male
Alt. Name: Burton George Edwards2
Spouse: Eileen _____ ( - )
Birth 29 May 1897 New Zealand1,2
Death 1981 (age 83-84) New Zealand2

Child 2: Cecilia Edwards

Name: Cecilia Edwards1
Sex: Female
Alt. Name: Cecelia Frost1
Spouse: George Henry Frost ( - )
Birth 18991

Child 3: Mildred Clara Edwards

Name: Mildred Clara Edwards2
Sex: Female
Birth 1900 New Zealand2
Death 1923 (age 22-23) New Zealand2

Child 4: Manvers Betham Edwards

Name: Manvers Betham Edwards1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Laurel Myrle Moody ( - )
Occupation horse trainer1
Birth 1902 Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand1,2
The descendancy reprt has born in 1901
Residence 478 Pages Road, Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand1
Death 30 April 1948 (age 45-46) Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand1,2

Child 5: Allen Memphis Edwards

Name: Allen Memphis Edwards1,2
Sex: Male
Birth 31 May 1903 New Zealand1,2
Death 1994 (age 90-91) New Zealand2

Child 6: Ellen Edwards

Name: Ellen Edwards1
Sex: Female
Alt. Name: Edith Ellen Edwards2
Alt. Name: Ellen Dennis1
Spouse: Barclay Robert Dennis ( - )
Birth 28 November 1904 New Zealand1,2
Death 1979 (age 74-75) New Zealand2

Child 7: Constance Olive Edwards

Name: Constance Olive Edwards1
Sex: Female
Alt. Name: Constance Lucy Edwards2
Alt. Name: Constance Olive McHardy1
Spouse: Robert James McHardy ( - )
Birth 1 April 1907 New Zealand
Death 1974 (age 66-67) New Zealand2

Child 8: Stanley Alexander Edwards

Name: Stanley Alexander Edwards1,2
Sex: Male
Birth 7 June 1909 New Zealand1,2
Death 1965 (age 55-56) New Zealand2


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