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Family of Rees Thomas Ralph Wilkinson and Molly

Husband: Rees Thomas Ralph Wilkinson (1926-2010)
Wife: Molly (1921?-2011)

Husband: Rees Thomas Ralph Wilkinson


Rees Thomas Ralph Wilkinson, 2000?, age 74

Name: Rees Thomas Ralph Wilkinson1,2
Sex: Male
Father: Raymond Arthur Wilkinson (1895-1972)
Mother: Ida Kathleen Lock (1897-1988)
Birth 26 February 1926 Ipswich, Suffolk, England2,3
Residence 1949 (age 22-23) 1 Kvans Street, Launceston North, Tasmania, Australia4
a technician
Death 11 March 2010 (age 84) Tasmania, Australia5,6

Wife: Molly


Molly, 2000?, age 79

Name: Molly
Sex: Female
Alt. Name: Molly Wilkinson
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1921 (approx.)7
Death 8 January 2011 (age 90) Tasmania, Australia7,8


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There was quite an age gap between my mother and father. Muriel is my Aunt and Pat and Derek’s sister. Muriel was born 12/5/1921 and my dad Derek was born 21/11/1922.

Rees (who had probably already moved to Australia) was born 26/2/1926 and Pat (again I think he might have been back from Australia for a visit at this time) was born 20/7/1930

As far as I’m aware there weren’t any children from his first marriage or not that anyone has ever said and I thought that Muriel or her daughter would have said.

My father was in the Navy until 1967. There was evidence for a divorce dated 1955. Evelyn returned to the UK in June 1955 (dad might have been stationed in Germany) and there was no mention of any kids in his service history / divisional officers remarks . In fact it says that he refused to see her in one statement by his Divisional officer in 1958 and was being drafted to the Far east to get away from her.


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