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Family of William Henry Lester and Edith Rebecca Bowtle

Husband: William Henry Lester (1895-1970)
Wife: Edith Rebecca Bowtle (1889-1974)
Marriage Q1 1934 Loughton, Essex, England1,2
Edith was about 45 yrs of age when she married William H Lester who had two daughters, one of which was Muriel and Geoff did not know the name of the other. This does not quite stack up, see the children I found for his first marriage - David Wilkinson 14th November 2017

Husband: William Henry Lester

Name: William Henry Lester2,3
Sex: Male
Given Name Used: Henry
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 26 November 18953,4
Census 29 September 1939 (age 43) 18 Smart's Lane, Loughton, Essex, England4
a married L.P.T.B (London Passenger Transport Board) conductor as Henry Lester living with his wife and daughter. Born on 26th November 1895
Death Q4 1970 (age 74-75) Loughton, Essex, England3,5

Wife: Edith Rebecca Bowtle

Name: Edith Rebecca Bowtle6
Sex: Female
Alt. Name: Edith Rebecca Lester1,2
Father: George Bowtle (1857-1940)
Mother: Charlotte Ann Fewell (1856-1937)
Birth 26 January 1889 207 Smarts Lane, Loughton, Essex, England1,4,6,7,8
Census 5 April 1891 (age 2) 207 Smarts Lane, Loughton, Essex, England5
aged 2. Born in Loughton, living with parents.
Census 31 March 1901 (age 12) Earls Road, Loughton, Essex, England7
daughter living with her parents George and Ann, sisters Alice and Dorothy, and brothers William, Georgie and Bertram. Born in Loughton Essex
Census 2 April 1911 (age 22) The Chesnuts, Loughton, Essex, England9
Servant unmarried, aged 22 Cook General Born in Loughton Essex living with Frank Foster
Census 29 September 1939 (age 50) 18 Smart's Lane, Loughton, Essex, England4
married doing unpaid domestic duties and living with her husband and steop-daughter. Born on 26th January 1889
Death Q2 1974 (age 85) Loughton, Essex, England1,8


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