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Family of Joseph Budds Barnes and Anna Maria Edwards

Husband: Joseph Budds Barnes ( - )
Wife: Anna Maria Edwards (1865-1891)
Children: Alice Sophie Barnes (1887-1972)
Marriage Q4 1887 Tendring "Registration District", Essex, England1,2

Husband: Joseph Budds Barnes

Name: Joseph Budds Barnes1
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Anna Maria Edwards

Name: Anna Maria Edwards3
Sex: Female
Alt. Name: Emma Edwards
Alt. Name: Anne Maria Barnes1
Father: George Edwards (1838?-1915)
Mother: Mary Ann Cuthbert (1837?-aft1901)
Occupation servant
Birth Q4 1865 Rattlesden, Suffolk, England3,4
Baptism 28 October 1866 (age 0-1) St. Mary's Church, Brettenham, Suffolk, England4,5
Census 2 April 1871 (age 5) The Fenn Farm, Rattlesden, Suffolk, England6
daughter aged 2 born in Rattlesden Suffolk living with parents.
Census 3 April 1881 (age 15) Rattlesden Farm, Rattlesden, Suffolk, England7
aged 15, servant. Born in Rattlesden, living with parents.
Death Q1 1891 (age 25) Tendring "Registration District", Essex, England1,8

Child 1: Alice Sophie Barnes

Name: Alice Sophie Barnes9,10
Sex: Female
Alt. Name: Alice Budds11
Alt. Name: Alice Sophie Bugg12
Spouse: William Bugg (1886-1963)
Birth 20 December 1887 Great Oakley, Essex, England1,9,11,13,14,15,16
1939 register and death index say born on 20th December 1886
Baptism 29 February 1888 (age 0) All Saints Church, The Avenue, Great Oakley, Essex, England10
daughter of Joseph Budd Barnes (labourer) and Anna Maria of Great Oakley, private baptism
Census 5 April 1891 (age 3) Manningtree Road, Great Oakley, Essex, England11
granddaughter as Alice Budds living in four rooms with her grandparents Joseph and Susannah Budds, and uncles Joseph and William. Born in Great Oakley Essex
Census 31 March 1901 (age 13) Lawshall Green, Lawshall, Suffolk, England13
granddaughter living with her grandparents George and Mary. Born in Great Oakley Essex
Census 2 April 1911 (age 24) 2 Hall Cottages, Hall Lane, Thorpe-le-Soken, Essex, England14
married wife living in four rooms with her husband William and son Arthur. Born in Great Oakley Essex and married for three years, with two children, one of whom is still living
Census 29 September 1939 (age 51) Abbeydene, Abbey Street, Thorpe-le-Soken, Essex, England15
married doing unpaid domestic duties and living with her husband William, sons Frank and Ronald, and a closed record (presumably daughter Ivy or son Leslie). Born on 20th December 1886
Death Q4 1972 (age 84-85) Colchester "Registration District", Essex, England16

Note on Husband: Joseph Budds Barnes

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