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Family of Joseph Budds Barnes and Anna Maria Edwards

Husband: Joseph Budds Barnes ( - )
Wife: Anna Maria Edwards (1865-1891)
Children: Alice Sophy Barnes (1888- )
Marriage Q4 1887 Tendring "Registration District", Essex, England1,2

Husband: Joseph Budds Barnes

Name: Joseph Budds Barnes1
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Anna Maria Edwards

Name: Anna Maria Edwards3
Sex: Female
Alt. Name: Emma Edwards
Alt. Name: Anne Maria Barnes1
Father: George Edwards (1838?-1915)
Mother: Mary Ann Cuthbert (1837?-aft1901)
Occupation servant
Birth Q4 1865 Rattlesden, Suffolk, England3,4
Baptism 28 October 1866 (age 0-1) St. Mary's Church, Brettenham, Suffolk, England4,5
Census 2 April 1871 (age 5) The Fenn Farm, Rattlesden, Suffolk, England6
daughter aged 2 born in Rattlesden Suffolk living with parents.
Census 3 April 1881 (age 15) Rattlesden Farm, Rattlesden, Suffolk, England7
aged 15, servant. Born in Rattlesden, living with parents.
Death Q1 1891 (age 25) Tendring "Registration District", Essex, England1,8

Child 1: Alice Sophy Barnes

Name: Alice Sophy Barnes9,10
Sex: Female
Birth Q1 1888 Great Oakley, Essex, England1,9,10
Census 31 March 1901 (age 12-13) Lawshall Green, Lawshall, Suffolk, England10
granddaughter, aged 13. Born in Great Oakley, living with grandparents

Note on Husband: Joseph Budds Barnes

cannot locate birth/death records

Note on Child 1: Alice Sophy Barnes

name correct according to birth index9


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