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Family of Douglas John Bowtle and Doris Agnes Byles

Husband: Douglas John Bowtle (1915-1992)
Wife: Doris Agnes Byles (1916-1992)
Marriage Q4 1940 Hendon "Registration District", Middlesex, England1,2
3a 1666

Husband: Douglas John Bowtle

Name: Douglas John Bowtle3,4,5,6
Sex: Male
Father: John Thomas George Bowtle (1889-1949)
Mother: Maude Ethel Shute (1884- )
Occupation upholsterer5
Birth 4 September 1915 St. Pancras "Registration District", London, England3,4,5,6
Census 29 September 1939 (age 24) 33 Cumbrian Gardens, Cricklewood, Middlesex, England5
an unmarried upholsrer furniture living with his parents, a sister and a closed record. Born on 4th September 1915
Death Q4 1992 (age 77) Hillingdon "Registration District", Greater London, England3,6

Wife: Doris Agnes Byles

Name: Doris Agnes Byles2,3,7,8
Sex: Female
Alt. Name: Doris A Bowtle3
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 6 August 1916 Hendon "Registration District", Middlesex, England7,8
Death Q4 1992 (age 76) Luton "Registration District", Bedfordshire, England8


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