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Family of James Overett and Mary

Husband: James Overett (1778?- )
Wife: Mary (1780?- )
Children: Mary Ann Overett (1801?- )
Elizabeth Overett (1803?- )
George Richard Overett (1812?-1841)

Husband: James Overett

Name: James Overett2
Sex: Male
Father: John Overett (1745?- )
Mother: Mary (1745?- )
Occupation school master3
Birth 1778 (approx.) Romford, Essex, England2
Baptism 6 March 1778 (age 0) Romford, Essex, England2
son of John Overett and Mary
Electoral Roll 1810 (age 31-32) Romford, Essex, England4
Will 1815 (age 36-37)3
a schoolmaster of Romford Essex leaving everything to his friends, George Noble a carpenter of Woodford and William Beckwith a victualler of Romford. This presumably means his wife had died and no living issue

Wife: Mary

Name: Mary1
Sex: Female
Alt. Name: Mary Overett1
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1780 (estimated)

Child 1: Mary Ann Overett

Name: Mary Ann Overett1
Sex: Female
Birth 1801 (approx.) Romford, Essex, England1
Baptism 21 June 1801 (age 0) Romford, Essex, England1
daughter of James Overett

Child 2: Elizabeth Overett

Name: Elizabeth Overett1
Sex: Female
Birth 1803 (approx.) Romford, Essex, England1
Baptism 23 January 1803 (age 0) Romford, Essex, England1
daughter of James Overett

Child 3: George Richard Overett

Name: George Richard Overett5,6
Sex: Male
Alt. Name: George Overett5
Spouse: Sarah Anne Holland (1817?- )
Occupation a clerk/accountant in 1839 and 1841, a teacher in 1856 then as a private tutor (deceased) in 18935,6,7
Birth 1812 (approx.) Essex, England5,8
Baptism August 1812 (age 0) Romford, Essex, England1
son of James Overett and Mary
Census 6 June 1841 (age 28-29) Romford, Essex, England5
aged 25, clerk living with his wife and two children. Born in Essex
Death August 1841 (age 28-29) Poplar, Middlesex, England8,9,10
Burial 13 August 1841 All Saints, Poplar, Middlesex, England8
of Poplar aged 29


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