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Family of Robert Browne and Hannah Gillingham

Husband: Robert Browne ( - )
Wife: Hannah Gillingham (1791?- )
Children: Eliza Gillingham (1817-1841)
Status: Never Married

Husband: Robert Browne

Name: Robert Browne1
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Hannah Gillingham

Name: Hannah Gillingham2
Sex: Female
Alt. Name: Hannah Wolfe3
Father: Samuel Gillingham (1751?-bef1801)
Mother: Mary (1756?-1794)
Occupation servant4
Birth 1791 (approx.) Sudbourne, Suffolk, England5,6
Baptism 22 April 1791 (age 0) All Saints Church, Sudbourne, Suffolk, England5
Banns 10 February 1833 (age 41-42) St. Bartholomew's Church, Church Street, Orford, Suffolk, England3
Also 27/1 and 3/2.
Census 30 March 1851 (age 60) Sudbourne, Suffolk, England6
married wife living with her husband and three step-sons. Born in Sudbourne Suffolk

Child 1: Eliza Gillingham

Name: Eliza Gillingham7
Sex: Female
Birth 13 November 1817 Orford, Suffolk, England1,7
Baptism 25 November 1817 (age 0) St. Bartholomew's Church, Church Street, Orford, Suffolk, England7,8
daughter of Hannah Gillingham, private baptism
Miscellaneous 8 December 1817 Orford, Suffolk, England1
Examination - Ref - FC 168/G6?14A - The Examination of Hannah GILLINGHAM's bastard child on 8/12/1817. Hannah Gillingham on Wednesday 13/11/1817 at Orford delivered a Female Bastard child and is likely to be charged to Orford. Robert Browne, Shopkeeper of Orford - father.
Baptism 1 April 1821 (age 3) St. Bartholomew's Church, Church Street, Orford, Suffolk, England8
Public baptism.
Death November 1841 (age 23-24)
Burial 19 November 1841 St. Bartholomew's Church, Church Street, Orford, Suffolk, England9
aged 24 years.

Note on Husband: Robert Browne

could be one of a number of Robert Browns


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