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Family of Edward Charles Bowtle and Margaret Sheehan

Husband: Edward Charles Bowtle (1896-1973)
Wife: Margaret Sheehan (1902-2004)
Marriage Q4 1939 West Ham "Registration District", Essex, England1

Husband: Edward Charles Bowtle

Name: Edward Charles Bowtle1,2,3,4
Sex: Male
Father: Edward Charles Bowtle (1864?-1904)
Mother: Ellen Overill Aldred (1868-1956?)
Birth 30 June 1896 Saffron Walden, Essex, England2,3,4,5,6
Census 31 March 1901 (age 4) 21 Fairycroft Road, Saffron Walden, Essex, England3
a son living with his parents and five siblings. Born in Saffron Walden Essex
Census 2 April 1911 (age 14) 21 Fairycroft Road, Saffron Walden, Essex, England6
son working as an errand boy and living in four rooms with his mother and six siblings. Born in Saffron Walden Essex
Military Service between 14 March 1919 and 19 June 1922 (age 22-25) -7
as a gunner 1021763 (formerly 291461) of indifferent character in the Royal Artillery joining at a place called 'In the Field'. He was a fishmonger of 21 Fairycroft Road Saffron Walden. Edward was discharged in Dublin as no longer required on reduction of Estbl para 392 (XIXV) K.R. with gratuity
Census absence 29 September 1939 (age 43)
Death Q3 1973 (age 77) Surrey "South Western Registration District", Surrey, England4

Wife: Margaret Sheehan

Name: Margaret Sheehan8
Sex: Female
Alt. Name: Margaret Sheahan1,9
Alt. Name: Margaret Bowtle9
Father: -
Mother: -
Occupation housekeeper10
Birth 1 September 190210,11
there seems some variation in Margaret's birth date, 1939 census clearly says 1st September 1902, death index says 2nd September 1901, no birth index record for 1901 and 1902 but there are four in 1903. So not certain when/where Margaret was born
Census 29 September 1939 (age 37) 362 Romford Road, Forest Gate, Essex, England10
an umarried housekeeper living with James Young. Born on 1st September 1902. Married a Bowtle at a later date
Death January 2004 (age 101) North East Hampshire "Registration District", Hampshire, England11


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