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Family of Kenneth Richard Oakley and Ivy M Brent

Husband: Kenneth Richard Oakley (1930-1997)
Wife: Ivy M Brent (1931-2017)
Marriage Q3 1952 Wood Green "Registration District", Middlesex, England1

Husband: Kenneth Richard Oakley

Name: Kenneth Richard Oakley2,3
Sex: Male
Father: Herbert Richard Oakley (1901-1976)
Mother: Hilda Little (1894-1991)
Birth 8 January 1930 Islington "Registration District", London, England2,3,4
Census 29 September 1939 (age 9) 83 King Street, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England4
attending school and living with Louisa Hall and her daughter Joyce Ellen. Born on 8th January 1930
Death July 1997 (age 67) Barnet "Registration District", Greater London, England3

Wife: Ivy M Brent

Name: Ivy M Brent1,5
Sex: Female
Alt. Name: Ivy M Oakley1
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 4 August 1931 Islington "Registration District", London, England5,6,7
Census 29 September 1939 (age 8) 23 Park Road, Hornsey, Middlesex, England6
attending scool and living with her parents. Born on 4th August 1931
Death 2017 (age 85-86) Barnet, Greater London, England7


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